Wednesday, July 5, 2017

MLM and the MSM (Main Stream Media) part 3

Today's blog post is going to focus on the recently wounded MSM network CNN, again, and its continued downward spiral. The story begins with a clip of Donald Trump, before becoming POTUS (President of the United States), appearing on a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), formerly World Wrestling Federation (WWF), segment in which he is shown beating up a person with the CNN logo for a face. The "meme" became war when Trump tweeted it out on his official Twitter account because CNN took the video as a threat against its "journalists". There is some significant irony as CNN's former New Year's Eve Special co-star Kathy Griffin recently posed with a severed Donald Trump head, and there was no mention of violence being spread against the POTUS, but rather a comedienne making a poor tasting joke. There was also a former CNN anchor being fired for calling Trump a "Piece of Shit" on his Twitter, and finally another video from Project Veritas showing another CNN producer stating 90+% of CNN employees hate Trump and his establishment. So, the CNN bullies didn't like it when they got a taste of their own medicine.

The real problem with this story is what CNN did to the person that edited and authored the Trump clip. CNN, a subsidiary for Time Warner, utilized their ability to track down the creator of the video through his ISP (Internet Service Provider). The creator was then coerced into sending CNN an apology or face the possibility of being unmasked. Reports are saying the author of the video is underage, and that CNN is directly violating the right to privacy (Fourth Amendment). Regardless of whether CNN did infringe upon the rights of another, this is blatant intimidation and should be brought up in court. To date, even with the apology in hand, CNN has stated that they can still release the identity if needed.

The two main points to focus on in this story are:

1. CNN is a group of bullies, and they believe they are allowed to fabricate the truth and create false propaganda against the POTUS, but also can cry foul when a video is made about them.

2. CNN has decided that they are above the law and can dole out "justice" the way they see fit through blackmail and extortion.

MLMers are also bullies as they believe they can fabricate statistics, use fallacious analogies, and continuously push their own agenda, and also completely lose their minds when people write information against their "businesses".  It is okay for them to misquote or completely lie about the statistics of small business success, talk about illegal tax breaks, and use misleading evidence and testimonials of success. They also seem to believe that they can label anyone that disagrees with them, and constantly attack people online that voice a differing opinion. Even though the onus is on them to prove their legitimacy, they regularly "defend, deny, distract, and then disappear" (Anna Banana), while never getting to the root of the problem being discussed. These are classic bullying tactics to avoid taking responsibility for their actions while continuing to perpetuate the same negative behaviors.

MLMers also believe they are above the law, and some of the biggest players have now infiltrated the highest levels of the U.S. Government. While Betsy DeVos, Amway, may be the most notable, there are many members of the Government, in both the House and Senate, that have been lobbying on behalf of MLM for decades. MLMers have made the FDA and the FTC completely ineffective because of the millions of dollars "donated" to their member's campaigns. They are literally the wolves guarding the hen house and unfortunately, the wolves are mostly in the Republican party and the current POTUS doesn't seem to have a problem with MLM, so these problems aren't going away any time soon.

Finally, MLMers can be both bullies and above the law at the same time with their SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) lawsuits. They are extremely costly and time intensive, but most importantly, they are effective because the party being sued by the MLM usually doesn't have the same resources causing them to cave to the MLMs demands. They can directly attack the First Amendment rights of bloggers and writers with little consequences (a few dollars spent), allowing MLMs to make their issues go away. MLMs have nearly complete autonomy to do what they want and say what they want.

MLM, much like CNN, operates under a guise of legitimacy created by the powers given to elected officials. There is a misnomer that elected officials have to have their citizen's best interests at heart, and this has become extremely clear as MLMs and CNN have penetrated into the government through substantial "donations" backed by their multi-billion dollar corporations and crime families. It is more important now, than ever, to understand that these organizations didn't get to be this powerful because they love their fellow beings, but rather because they have gone out of their way to screw their fellow beings to the top.

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