Thursday, June 29, 2017

MLM and the MSM (Mainstream) Media pt. 2

Today's blog post is about more revelations exposing the MSM, in particular CNN, for pumping out fake news stories. A group called "Project Veritas" (Veritas means Truth) has been responsible for revealing this latest episode of chicanery to the chagrin of CNN. So far, two different members of CNN have been caught revealing the "Trump and Russia Connection" has been a "Nothingburger" according to Van Jones (Former Obama aid and CNN Pundit) and "Because its Ratings" according to John Bonifield (CNN Supervising Producer). CNN has also had three staff members "resign" after a story had to be pulled about Trump, and according to Bonnifield, Zucker (CNN President) has stated that he wants to keep pushing the Russia narrative. Needless to say, CNN does not have the audience's best interest at heart and should be held accountable to the highest degree for fear mongering and treason.

So, what does this have to do with MLM? The answer is two part, firstly MLM does not have a responsibility to its member to be honest with them, and second they are about making themselves richer and not the other way around. CNN has officially shown they have no obligation to be truthful and their only obligation is to their shareholders. They will create their own narrative as long as it makes the ratings go up, and they do not care about the people they harm in the process, including the current POTUS. The same can be said for MLM. They do not care if their "distributors" make a dime and they don't care who falls through the cracks (Which is somewhere in the neighborhood of over 95%). They only care about milking their "distributors" for their monthly subscriptions and making sure the law doesn't shut them down.

MLMs can say whatever they want to make a "distributor" happy and they often talk out of both sides of their mouths to do it. In a recent post on Joecool's blog "Amway - The Dream or the Scheme?" there were two different "IBOs" from Amway telling the readers that Amway is about selling and yet it isn't about selling. They also commonly get confused on how hard the work is going to be. They often say it is easy as long as you follow the instructions and "duplicate" the model, while others say it takes a tremendous amount of effort and it is hard. The truth is, none of these answers are true, because they all came from biased sources that just want to make money from their loyal adherents. MLM isn't easy and it isn't hard, it is mathematically impossible, and MLM isn't about selling or not selling, it is simply about extracting money from the people that come after you.

CNN hasn't stopped pushing their objectives and MLM won't stop either until they are completely shut down. CNN continues to push the Russia narrative endlessly, and their CEO Jeff Zucker couldn't care less about the problems they have. MLMs continue to get sued endlessly and yet they are allowed to pay a fee to the government and a small stipend to the "distributors" that were wronged while continuing business as normal. These multi-billion dollar conglomerates have become so powerful they don't actually have to answer to the law. They simply get tickets and have someone in their pocket say, "Don't do that again..." while they cross their fingers behind their backs.

MLM, much like CNN, needs to have a new kind of lawsuit filed against them. According to the Blakey report, MLM is synonymous with the Italian Mob and should qualify to be prosecuted under the RICO statutes, and CNN's parent company, Time Warner, is another multi-billion dollar conglomerate that needs to be dismantled. These companies are vile and they will do anything, including harming you, to make more money.


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