Monday, June 19, 2017

MLM and Mainstream Media

Today's blog post is going to be a part of a series of posts about current events. As this blog evolves, I believe it is important to build upon the base that has been established in the previous posts by introducing conditioning. Not only do the main people in MLM have severe mental conditions or traits reflecting those conditions, but they also have resources to help their conditions thrive. Some of these resources are political ties, expert lobbyists (similar to the political ties), propaganda news, propaganda blogs, and lawyers ready to issue daunting law suits. Today's blog post is about the outrageous bias seen in pro-MLM blogs as it relates to an outrageous bias in the mainstream media (MSM).

Recently the MSM has been showing their biases worse than ever as they consistently spend most of their time reporting about how evil Donald Trump is, and how he is going out of his way to destroy America. The MSM chooses to utilize hours and hours of television time about Trump's alleged "Russia Collusion", and his now alleged "Obstruction of Justice" because they do not want people to focus on anything other than pure, unadulterated, hatred of the man. The MSM is going out of its way to give an outlandishly unfair amount of television coverage time to this particular subject (regardless of its veracity), because they are completely partisan to the left and are extremely mad that they lost the election. This type of coverage is both poisonous to the American people, because we should have a certain level of respect for our president, and dangerous, because it fuels an incredibly potent divide within the American people. These news outlets are fueling a civil war.

Fortunately, this type of propaganda is not novel and has been utilized for centuries to motivate a nation to do someone's bidding, or in the case of MLM, to motivate a large population of people to extract large quantities of cash from their pockets and inject it into the scheme. Therefore we can learn and understand the history of this type of propaganda and arm ourselves against it. The other advantage is the proliferation of information on the internet. The ability to censor opposing voices is at an all time low, and the accessibility to opposing voices is at an all time high.

An example of the MSM having their propaganda backfire is in the recent interview with Megyn Kelly and Alex Jones. Megyn Kelly, a former Fox pundit, and now an NBC pundit tried to sabotage Alex Jones (Infowars) by having him come in for an interview and talk about his life outside of media. She presented the interview as a way for people watching NBC to discover the person behind Infowars and the "Conspiracy Theories". Unfortunately for Kelly, she walked into a trap as Alex Jones recorded the entire interview, which is legal in Texas, for his protection in case she tried to ask about controversial topics and then edit the interview for a "Hit Piece". It was another attempt by the MSM to promote their propaganda as factual by editing and falsifying information by a labeled "Alternative Facts" "Conspiracist". Whether you agree with Alex Jones or not is entirely irrelevant as the major focus is on the editing and scapegoating of a rival news broadcaster for self gain.

MLMs do the same thing! They have an entire agency devoted to propaganda called the Direct Sales Association (DSA), which is comprised of the most prolific MLM charlatans in the business. They also have infiltrated major news outlets such as, Forbes, the WSJ (Wall Street Journal), the Washington Post, the New York Times, and many others because these news outlets are for profit agencies and often utilize "Guest Writers" to fill columns. MLMs understand the power of edification and propaganda, and they have a lot of money to spend on these two assets. Pro-MLM bloggers also put out "Hit Pieces" on anti-MLM bloggers in the same way Megyn Kelly went after Alex Jones. They have written nonsensical articles about "Joe Cool", "Anna Banana", David Brear, Ethan Vanderbuilt, "Lazy Man", and Robert Fitzpatrick. All of these people have worked diligently to get more information to the public and help arm themselves against MLM, and most of them have no financial bias (they do it for the love of humanity).

When discerning information from sources you don't personally know, it is important to keep an objective mindset. If you find yourself consistently listening to the same people with the same objective, then chances are you are probably not getting an accurate representation of the story. Also, if you are only listening to like-minded people AND you believe you can't be brainwashed, then you probably already are.


  1. A lot of the pro MLM faction apparently will often send out "drive by shooters". So you'll get some commentary from a guy that's negative about the blog or blog author only to never return, but the comment sits there.

    While I rarely delete or ban any comments, I usually will respond to any misinformation that is left on my blog.

    Back in its heyday, there were a bunch of pro Amway blogs and most of them didn't allow comments unless they were positive about Amway. I found that to be humorous in itself.

    Anyway, good article. It is exactly what MLM does. The business cannot stand on merits or actual stats so things need to be candy coated or obfuscated in some manner.

    1. Thanks Joe!

      I still haven't actually had a pro-MLMer post a comment on this blog yet. I can only guess that they have visited and found the articles to be too dense to refute.

      I like that the comments stay after you rebut their comments because it shows they are not adamant about their position, but rather are shills stopping by for a quick jab and hoping to make some kind of a difference for their own psyche. It clearly isn't going to have a positive effect on their sales or the company's sales, especially since you have been writing about the massive decline in Amway productivity.

      That is the same thing the MSM is doing on their articles. They are shutting down comments and not allowing for any critical thought. The New York Times wrote a ridiculous piece trying to justify Megyn Kelly and her interview while painting Alex Jones to be an insane monster. It's extremely frustrating because these for profit newspapers are still taken very seriously and they still have a huge impact on people.