Wednesday, August 16, 2017

MLM and the "You are just angry" line.

Today's blog post is synonymous with one of my earliest posts about projection. Projection is a defense mechanism designed to transfer your own emotions onto someone else. It is, logically speaking, one of the worst ways to "win" a debate, and is usually used as a last resort when the person has had all of their more meaningful points refuted. Instead of continuing to focus on the subject, they begin to attack the rival by suggesting the rival can't be logical, because they are being emotional, or more specifically, angry. The United States, in particular, loves to get emotional when debating, which makes things more interesting, but is not good from a scholarly perspective. We also like to argue, rather than debate, because we attach a part of ourselves to the subject we are talking about. We have gotten to a point, in the US, where the ego is so fragile, that any time we are "losing" a debate we have a visceral reaction and become antagonistic.

MLMers have frequently resorted to projection on other blogs, and have commonly referred to authors and other commentators as angry. They may say the author is angry because they failed at MLM, or they have a specific vendetta against a MLM, or even that it has something to do with their biology. These MLMer attacks are both silly and direct reflections of their specific mood. MLMers wouldn't be looking for anti-MLM blogs unless, they lost a prospect or their family and friends recommended reading it. This loss of a prospect and or the rejection of the "business" by a friend or family member can be extremely damaging to a MLMers ego. This in turn will lead to a rage and will result in lashing out over the internet. When MLMers lash out they lose focus and rationality, which leads to ludicrous comments, some of which reflect themselves. 

Unfortunately, as an anti-MLM blogger and regular commentator on other blogs, there becomes a harsh realization about the ability . MLMers are very similar to addicts of controlled substances, and they aren't going to be able receive help from anyone until they are ready to help themselves. The combination of a weakened ego, and clever psychological manipulation, makes logical discourse nearly impossible. The other harsh reality is, the people these MLMers attack and call names, are the people that try the hardest to show them the errors of their ways.

The best strategy, in my opinion, when a MLM adherent devolves to ad hominem attacks and deviates from the subject, then end the discussion and resume it no sooner than twenty-four hours later. They will need time to refocus and calm down, and it may be best to start the conversation with addressing the exaggeration of emotions and how that is inappropriate for dialogue and business. 

Friday, August 11, 2017

MLM and the "Mine is different" line.

Today's blog post is about the old, tired line, "Some MLMs are better than others", and the various derivatives of this phrase. The main idea behind this line is to discredit your opinion by suggesting what you experienced was a freak incident, or the experience was not typical and you should expect different results because their group is different. There are a couple of fundamental flaws with this, the main one being, they all started with the same premise. It is hard, or in this case impossible, for something to be significantly different if it has to abide by the same structure as the original, therefore if the original has an inherent problem, then you can expect those problems to exist in the subsidiary groups. Translation, if a MLM as a whole has a significant issue, then the groups operating underneath the MLM will have that same issue.

There are three main levels in which this phrase is used, from micro to macro. The lowest level phrase is, my team is different because, we have better mentors, make more millionaires, have been around longer, or some other variation. The middle level phrase is, my MLM is better because, we have better mentors, we have better compensation, we have a better product, we are "new school", or some other variation. Then the highest level phrase is, MLM is better than "traditional" businesses because, you need less capital to start, you don't need to come up with a product, you don't need to handle the legalese, and many more lines. All of this falls under the same premise, we are different, therefore give us a chance. However, they are not different, and there is a very basic reason for why these arguments fall flat.

The MLM concept is founded on the idea that you can generate revenue from spending money instead of making money. This is the root cause for problems in MLM, because the revenue is generated through dollars spent by people involved with the company and not people outside of the company. Therefore, it doesn't matter how you try to justify your MLM or your team as being different or better, because the differences are irrelevant due to that main concept being inherently flawed.

This fallacy is known as a straw man argument, because the people using the, "Mine is different" line aren't addressing the root cause for the failure. They instead, are focusing on the symptoms, which is a common misnomer. It is the same as someone trying to treat a fever with cold compresses when the person actually needs antibiotics due to a virus. If you are only addressing the symptom, then the virus will not be stopped.

Another example is, a person in a MLM may be trying to follow a "system", but they just can't seem to make it work.  They read all of the books, they show the plans, they attend all the seminars, they pay all of their dues, but it still doesn't work. A MLMer may say, "The person just needs to try harder, they need to read more, they need to learn more, they need to do more", which is a focus on the symptom instead of the virus. Instead, the MLMer should say, "This person is following the system and failing. We should take a look at the system and make sure it still works."

Monday, August 7, 2017

MLM and Appeal to Authority Fallacy

Today's blog post is similar to the post about checking sources, but is going to go over a couple of other authorities and how they are not reputable. Too often people are misled by people posing as authority figures, and with the proliferation of information on the internet, it is easier than ever to fall for an authority website that is actually propaganda. Whether you are trying to find the best make-up on the market, or looking to find details about particular cars, there are going to be misleading websites that will pose as objective, but are really just shills for a particular brand or company.

Appeal to Authority Fallacy: Using an authority as evidence in your argument when the authority is not really an authority on the facts relevant to the argument.  As the audience, allowing an irrelevant authority to add credibility to the claim being made.
A couple of examples of the appeal to authority fallacy from simple to more advanced:

1. A stock broker giving advice on real-estate. Even though the stock broker may be very good at investing money and understanding the market as a whole, that does not qualify them to give advice on real-estate. You wouldn't go to a hedge fund manager and ask about property values.

2. A commercial real-estate agent giving advice on residential real-estate. This one is a bit trickier, because the person is in real-estate, even though they aren't specialized in the type of real-estate you are asking about. They may even have a general idea, but they will often be very vague when it comes to investing. These two types of investments are very different and should be treated as such.

3. A residential real-estate investor in New York giving advice about real-estate in Kansas. Real-estate markets can vary largely depending on the location, and it would be wrong to assume that someone who does well in New York could have the same success in Kansas.

4. A television house-flipper giving advice about house flipping. This is possibly one of the hardest, because they are allegedly very successful at the very thing they are claiming to be experts at, but many of these successes are fictitious. It is important to separate fantasy from reality, especially when investing, and get a good understanding of what could go wrong. Nobody wants to see the house-flippers fail, except me because I'm a pessimist, and that is why you never see any bad deals on these television shows. Trust me, it isn't even close to as easy as they make it look, and these people are more so television personalities than house-flipping experts. They will also commonly sell their brand or identity to other groups that will use their likeness to run seminars.

Recently a MLM apologist was debating about the legality of MLM and why, "some are better than others", or why "MLM is legal, but there are a few bad apples". These typical blanket statements that are designed to be convincing don't actually hold any weight unless a person can make a specific example. It is as impactful as someone saying, "If you work really hard, then you could become a millionaire". While this is true, and technically more accurate than the previous blanket statements, it is just as possible to work really hard and never become a millionaire, and it doesn't tell you how working hard will make you a millionaire or if working hard is the same for everyone. Therefore, any authority used to verify an inherently weak statement, such as the three above, is probably going to be flawed.

This particular MLM apologist attempted to use a website named, "", which sounds extremely relevant to the topic of proving whether MLM is legal or not. The website uses a lot of mechanisms to prove authority, such as, a generic color scheme, a font that looks like something a court document would use, a bunch of legalese language, and a reference to themselves at the bottom as actual lawyers. Unfortunately, calling yourself "", and having law degrees, does not make you an expert on MLM and the FTC's rules. This is proven as they leave out key parts of running a legal MLM according to the FTC vs. Amway case of 1979 which specifically states that every MLM must have 70% of sales to retail customers and each distributor must have at least 10 retail customers. Both of these rules were conveniently left off the website, and the website attempted to use the famous method of obfuscating retail customers and distributors with the term "end consumer" which can also be referred to as a "end user". By creating this new term, it becomes impossible to verify whether sales are going to customers or distributors, and this completely violates the previous rules installed by the result of the Amway case in 1979. They also have pictures at the bottom showing they are members of the "Direct Sellers Association" (DSA), another propaganda group designed to lobby on behalf of MLMs and act as an authority while deregulating industries in which MLM products are sold, such as health supplements.

It isn't entirely the MLMer's fault, as these websites, and even law groups, can look like reputable places to gather information and claim a position on the topic. In fact, because the "industry" keeps growing, and more money is available because of the vast number of copycat schemes, the interest in becoming an authority becomes greater. There will be more authorities claiming to be "experts" on MLM, even though they haven't actually participated in one or have failed miserably (Kiyosaki, Maxwell, Dent et. al). They are leeching onto MLM because there is money to be made, and they will be anything you want them to be as long as you have money.




Wednesday, August 2, 2017

MLM and Fear Mongering

Today's blog post is about a particularly powerful psychological technique known as fear mongering. Fear mongering has become an epidemic in the United States and it is used in everything from news programs to selling drugs. Typically, people need to be pushed to action, and one of the most reliable techniques to push people is focused on their inherent survival programming. If people fear something is going to hurt them, then they are far more likely to make a change than if they were told the product or service could help them. Fear mongering comes at a heavy price and usually results in group separation, group tension, group distrust, and group unhappiness. While this technique can be used for good, it is typically seen as a devious manipulation technique to gain a means to an end.

Image result for Fear Mongering

Some of the most effective fear mongering comes from commercials trying to sell pharmaceuticals. I recently watched a commercial for "Jardiance", a type 2 diabetes medication, where a spokesperson and a small crew hit the streets to find people with this disease. Even though the situation was fictional, the effect made it seem as though these "regular people" had no idea how bad diabetes is and what it will do to their longevity. The spokesperson went through a series of loaded questions in an attempt to scare these people into focusing more on their health, and after they went through some fancy graphs (similar to "Rise of the Entrepreneur"), the people suddenly transformed and became more alert to their dire situation. After getting their attention with fear mongering, an anonymous narrator starts talking over the picture about all of the side effects, which were potentially worse than type 2 diabetes, only to be followed by every "regular person" agreeing they should take "Jardiance".

Here is the commercial:

There are two important parts to fear mongering in which you should focus.

1. They portray a situation as imminent doom in an effort to get a person to act quickly. People are naturally programmed to survive, and if they fear they are in trouble, then they will be much more likely to do something about it.

2. Fear mongering can lead to an inability to make clear judgments. After you have become afraid, a level of panic will set in and critical thought will dissipate because there isn't time to evaluate the situation. This allows the fear mongers to get away with anything, including putting a person in a worse predicament, even though they are pretending to be of service.

MLMs utilize fear mongering to manipulate their potential prospects and adherents. They take advantage of the vulnerable state in which their members are in, and they offer a remedy for their stress. Instead of MLMs offering a medication for diabetes, they offer an opportunity to fix money issues. They create a false situation in which MLM is the only option an MLMer has for survival, and without it, they may be "Stuck working for a boss", "Stuck trading hours for dollars", "Stuck with living paycheck to paycheck", or even "Stuck living an unfulfilled life". Only after they have created this false narrative will they possibly talk about the horrible statistics, but by then, the MLMers don't care or can't hear it.

Fear mongering is powerful enough to justify any narrative, and its rate of success makes it an extremely attractive option. Here are some effective ways to stop fear mongering from manipulating you.

1. Don't make a hasty decision based on the potential of future harm. It is okay to take a moment and do some research to find out more facts. This is the information age, and we have access to more information, faster, than ever before. Take advantage of this feature.

2. Ask yourself if the remedy is worth the cost? In the case of the diabetes medication, it is important to seek professional help rather than a paid commercial for answers, and in the case of MLM, it is important to look at the statistics for success, the harm it may cause others, and whether it is something feasible to do.

3. Ask if the problem is really as bad as they make it sound. Does it need to be addressed immediately, or can it be something that can be fixed over an extended period of time? One would argue, especially if you are young, money problems are a marathon not a sprint. It is important to understand how to grow your net worth and to set appropriate goals along a certain time line. Simply saying, "I want to retire in 2-5 years" is not an acceptable goal (assuming you aren't 63 years old with a large net worth).

4. Arguably the most important thing to think about. Does the person that is telling me this terrible news gain anything? You'd be surprised how often the answer is yes, and you would also be surprised at how often their gains are at your expense.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Fun Post Friday! #2

I haven't done a post like this in a while, but with all of the craziness in the world, it was time to look at something funny. Apparently, Sweden is going to extraordinary measures to deal with their immigration problems (Muslim refugees), and are ready to send in the clowns! The organization is called "Clowns Without Borders" (CWB), and it is a real organization. They have been doing this since 1996, and are about to spend another 25 million kronor to help refugee children get a monthly smile! According to Ayatollah Khomeini (former supreme leader of Iran) this is how he feels about fun and laughter, “Allah,” declared Khomeini, “did not create man so that he could have fun. The aim of creation was for mankind to be put to the test through hardship and prayer. An Islamic regime must be serious in every field. There are no jokes in Islam. There is no humor in Islam. There is no fun in Islam. There can be no fun and joy in whatever is serious.” I'm going out on a limb here and say clowns aren't a big part of Islam.

Alright, enough clowning around with Sweden, MLMs are still around, and they are running very profitable circuses they call "functions". Let's break down these "functions", "seminars", "gatherings", and "meetings" for what they really are, glorified circus acts that are bringing in big dollars based on entertaining a vulnerable and captive audience.

1. Circuses and "Functions" are entertainment exhibitions - They both have a series of acts that bring laughter and escapism from the daily routine. They don't offer anything in the form of a solution for a brighter future. They both have loud music, dynamic lighting, and large energy.

2. Circuses and "Functions" are illusions - They both have magic acts, but circuses, unlike "functions", tell you in advance that they are trying to deceive you. The circus will have a magician come out and perform a series of tricks, while a diamond, or other high ranking status symbol, will lie to MLMers about a lifestyle they will never achieve as they extract dollars through routine purchases of tools and unsaleable products.

3. Circuses and "Functions" are superficial - There is no depth to their shows, and after leaving, you are not a better person. Instead of watching slapstick comedy from clowns, you are watching an elementary level public speaker tell jokes about "J-O-B's" and "Firing Bosses". Instead of watching animal acts, you are watching videos of high ranking members and their proverbial cages. Instead of watching a highly dangerous act, such as sword swallowing or the human cannonball, you are watching an 80 year evangelical preacher fly around on stage and acting crazed.

Image result for Clown in suit

High ranking MLMers may look, dress, and sound differently from clowns, but the message is still the same. Give them some money and get distracted for a brief period of time. Turn off your brain, and remove yourself from the world. Live in the present moment and forget responsibility.

Clowns being sent to help Muslim refugees is as logical as MLMers giving financial advice. MLMers don't know anything about running a business, they don't know anything about taxes, they don't know anything about saving money for the future, they don't know anything about investing. You wouldn't trust a clown to give you life lessons, therefore don't trust a MLMer with your financial future.



Monday, July 17, 2017

MLM and Televangelism/John C. Maxwell

Today's blog post is about televangelism and how it has similar features to MLMs and their major functions. Televangelism first started with radio broadcasts in the 1920's, and the first major radio evangelist was S. Parkes Cadman (Samuel Parkes Cadman). With the advent of the radio, evangelism shifted from preachers traveling the country during The Great Depression by foot to broadcasting their message through short wave radio. S. Parkes Cadman was the first major radio evangelist, and his message was spread to over 5 million people through his Sunday afternoon program. In the 1950's radio evangelism was starting to shift to the popularly recognized televangelism of today, and by the 1980's Oral Roberts had a program that reached "80% of the potential television audience". This became the most effective way to spread the word of god, and it also became a great way to make money.

Today, televangelism is still effective in making large sums of money as preachers from megachurches, such as The Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove California, can spread their word to millions of viewers. The Crystal Cathedral has been running their own television program, "The Hour of Power" since 1970, and even though it has suffered some recent complications with bankruptcy, it still exists today.

Image result for The Crystal Cathedral

One of the most prolific preachers from The Crystal Cathedral is "Dr." John C. Maxwell. John Maxwell has been involved in preaching and televangelism since the early 1970's after receiving a master's in divinity and a doctorate in ministry, and no those are not degrees from Hogwarts. His original mentor, Robert Schuller, was the founder of The Chrystal Cathedral, and John Maxwell has done sermons for his "Hour of Power" television show.

Image result for John Maxwell

John Maxwell has had a long career involving his "teachings" and is a self-regarded "Leadership Expert". He has written over ninety books, and believes there is still more leadership to be taught and written. He is also an avid MLM proponent and has done many speaking engagements at MLM functions. Although he has "retired" from the evangelism, he is still regularly hawking his services as an expert in the field of MLM training, and continues to overlap the word of god with MLM.

It is my opinion that John Maxwell is a fraud, and he uses his religious training to help perpetuate his criminal enterprise. He is another "Prosperity messiah", similar to Eric Worre, and he has made a career, and many millions of dollars, selling himself as the answer to people's problems. He, much like Worre, is a narcissist of the highest degree. He has no training in business and entrepreneurship, therefore his ability to teach in anything related to business, including MLM, is not going to be trustworthy. He has been studied by other biblical scholars, and they have found errors in his understanding and his interpretation of the scriptures. He has combined two criminal "businesses" into a major profit machine, and at the ripe age of 70, he isn't done yet.

MLM and televangelism share the same recipe for deception. They utilize the thought stopping rhetoric of religion to promote fake and or criminal teachings in an effort to extract dollars from people's wallets. John Maxwell was trained by Robert Schuller, a founder of the major televangelism movement, and has found his own technique for deceiving many millions of people. He, much like Schuller, has taken the word of god as a means to an end for profit. Instead of performing at The Crystal Cathedral, you may see John Maxwell at the Las Vegas Convention Center, and instead of promoting scripture, he may be promoting leadership and the "MLM gospel".

Below is John Oliver's special on televangelists.








Thursday, July 13, 2017

MLM and "Rise of the Entrepreneur" Part 1


Today's blog post is a synopsis of, "Rise of the Entrepreneur", and how it is supposed to be a "documentary style film" for "Network Marketing". The movie was made by "Network Marketing Pro", Eric Worre, and it is his attempt to bring understanding to the "business" of "Network Marketing". The film is a cleverly designed propaganda piece that is designed to deceive and mislead potential future customers for Eric Worre's "Go  Pro" programs, and it is an incredibly spun view of "Network Marketing" as a whole.


The beginning of the film starts with a call to action. The world is going fast and it is harder than ever to make a living. We need an answer, because everyone is suffering and there is nothing we can do about it. Robert Kiyosaki says, "Getting a paycheck is an industrial age idea", which makes no sense. Kiyosaki is notorious for saying weird, misleading, or fabricated statements and trying to pass it off as knowledge. This is a perfect example, because anyone that gets paid legally in MLM, and any other profession, will receive a paycheck. Kiyosaki will make more appearances in the film, and it should be noted that every time he says something, there will be something wrong.


This part of the film talks about his thesis. He also does his first list, which is one of Eric's favorite things, and he talks about his "Three Important Questions".

1. What's really going on in our working world today?

2. Is it better to be an entrepreneur or to work for someone else?

3. How can you be an entrepreneur without taking massive risk?

He also says there will be new information that nobody has ever heard before.


The interviews begin and there are a lot of random people saying some stuff that means nothing, but then...

Robert Kiyosaki is back, and this time he has brought interactive charts to the conversation. He starts by talking about people in the middle class and how their wages are going down. While this may be accurate, it has no correlation with "Network Marketing", and this is a common straw man tactic. He wants you to look at an unrelated problem. Then he gets back to being bizarre by suggesting that poverty is ending, but the "working poor" is going up. Not only does that not make sense, but his last graph suggested that poverty is rising because the middle class is being wiped out which is another way of saying the rich are getting richer! Robert Kiyosaki, the man, the myth, the wordsmith legend!


More random interviews, and then...

Robert Kiyosaki is back with MORE graphs! He starts by talking about how awful student loan debt is in comparison to credit card debt because it can't be forgiven. He even has a big smile when he mentions you can go bankrupt and "all is forgiven" if it is credit debt. Not true! You can lose your assets, such as your house and your car, and you may not be able to get a loan or gainful employment. Then he talks about the average wages of college students going down. Well, we currently have more people attending and graduating from college than ever before, so, the law of supply and demand comes into effect. If there were only 10 college graduates in a field one year, and then 100 college graduates the next year, then the demand for those persons will shrink unless more jobs are available. The issue is not college, but the inability to create new jobs. He missed the point entirely, and it has nothing to do with "Network Marketing".

8:00 - 9:00

A guy comes out talking about debt, and his numbers are...CRAZY! I don't want to harp too much on this because there is more important bad information (never thought I would say that), but this guy is the epitome of bad data. A quick Google search will reveal the true debt figures.

9:00 - 11:45

Worre emphasizes how much sorrow everyone has, and how terrible the world is because we live in a rigged system. He has more weird interviews to hype the sadness, and then he has a guy come on and say, "The economy is great!". This will be a recurring trend where MLMers play both sides of the fence. On the one hand, the world is rigged, life is hard, there is too much debt, not enough jobs, but the economy is wonderful. Does this make sense?

12:00 - 13:00

Worre talks about the stock market wildly, vaguely and incorrectly, and should be ignored as this has nothing to do with his "expertise". It is far more complicated than he made it sound, and your money doesn't just go to some random person when you invest it. This part should have been left on the cutting room floor.

13:00 - 13:50

Worre talks about what classifies as middle and upper class incomes. These numbers are important because they show the percentages of people that fall into these categories across every profession. You are much more likely to fall into one of these classes "working for someone else", than you ever will be working in "Network Marketing" according to the MLM's own published income disclosures.

13:50 - 15:34

Worre talks to a bunch of people that say being an entrepreneur is good and being an employee is bad. All of them speak with hyperbole when talking about employees and none of them acknowledge the fact that employees were directly responsible for their dreams. They act as though they accomplished everything on their own and employees are "modern day slaves". This is completely inaccurate, and their opinion of employees would leave one to believe their workers may need to find new employers.

15:34 - 17:28

Worre talks to more people, and this time they are saying starting a business is expensive, time consuming, and has a high risk of failure. Nothing really special there.

17:28 - 17:50

Guess who is back...KIYOSAKI!

Right on cue, he undermines the whole movie thus far by saying employees with college degrees are extremely vital to running a business. He even says, "A business is a team sport", and yet the whole movie suggests being an employee is bad and getting a college degree is bad. He is quickly becoming my favorite!

17:50 - 19:30

Worre et al. talk more about how expensive, time consuming, and education intensive it is being an entrepreneur. Worre begins to hint at the subject of the movie, because at this point, they haven't revealed it. Up to this point, they have only used the term "entrepreneur", but have yet to talk about "Network Marketing". There aren't many successful films that can go nearly 20 minutes without bringing up the subject.

19:30 - 20:30

Worre finally brings up "Network Marketing". He also uses the term "Direct Selling", partially correctly, suggesting it means products move from "Manufacturer to Consumer". "Direct Selling" can also be purchasing a product on eBay from another user, or the original method, a door-to-door salesperson coming to your house with a product. He also mentions "Multi-level Marketing", but acts as though that term doesn't fully encompass the "business", because his brand uses the term "Network Marketing". This is where he begins his brand enforcement, and starts working the term "Network Marketing" into the viewers vocabulary.

20:30 - 20:47

Once again...the one, the only...Robert Kiyosaki is back with another gem!

First, he mentions his relationship with Trump, then he holds up his book. He actually plugs himself while helping to plug Worre! Then he says people come out of school looking for a paycheck is, "terrible!". Robert, why else would people go to school? Oh, I completely forgot, Robert's logic is otherworldly.

20:47 - 21:30

Random people are suggesting "Network Marketing" is the best. One lady uses the celebrity fallacy suggesting authors and billionaires being associated with "Network Marketing" adds credibility. The two do not have a direct correlation as they did not become billionaires and authors because of "Network Marketing".

21:30 - 21:38

The excitement continues guessed it, Robert Kiyosaki!

Unfortunately, he was too short this time, but he says go to school for a paycheck and do "Network Marketing" to be rich. I suppose nobody informed Robert that he failed at Amway.

21:38 - 22:56

Worre talks about marketing budgets and his numbers are WAY off. The average marketing budget should be around 10% of sales, but he seems to think it is 50%. He also suggests that "Network Marketing" is "completely efficient". This is the boldest lie. "Network Marketing" is the least efficient way to sell a product or service and it is reflected in the price. There has to be steep commissions paid to each tier causing the product price to rise. "Network Marketing" has never been price competitive in the market place.

22:56 - 24:29

This section is critical because there are a lot of problems describing "Network Marketing". One guy suggests big box retailers hire incompetent employees that don't know the products. This may be true, but at least they go through formal training. Whereas many "Network Marketers" do not go through formal training, and are often misrepresenting the products. showed 97% of all MLMs in the DSA had false health claims and other misinformation when it came to the products.

Another person suggests "Network Marketing" is better than advertising because advertising has hype. Apparently, according to him, "Network Marketing" doesn't use hype? I don't think this guy is aware of the subject.

The third person is the worst. He actually describes how "Network Marketing" is a pyramid. He gives an example of how he wants to sell a million dollars worth of product. In a "typical sales company", he would hire 100 salespersons and have a quota of $10,000 in sales. Then he says, in "Network Marketing", he would worry about 10,000 "happy raving fans" "selling $100.00 worth of product". This is it folks, the smoking gun. If you want to make a million dollars in "Network Marketing" you better build a downline of 10,000 "fans", because the focus is not on selling products to customers. Those 10,000 "fans" selling $100.00 worth of product aren't going to be making any real income.

We will continue with part 2 soon!

MLM and Eric Worre

Today's blog post is about the "Network Marketing Pro", Eric Worre, and his rise to fame in the MLM industry.  According to Eric's LinkedIn profile, he was a MLMer for nearly 25 years and has been a MLM "trainer" for nearly 14 years. He started his career with "Prepaid Legal Services, Inc." (PLS) which is also known as "LegalShield" and ended with "Send Out Cards". He is one of the few MLM "trainers" that seems to actually have an extended experience with this "industry". Eric has gotten away from the term MLM and has emphasized the term "Network Marketing" instead, which is associated with his brand. He has a current YouTube account with over 170,000 subscribers, and has created a "documentary style film" called, "Rise of the Entrepreneur". He is also regularly available for speaking engagements, and has written the book, "Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional".

Eric's early history is a bit confusing, and completely left off of his website, but it appears he started a company called "The People's Network" (TPN) in the mid 90's with Jeff Olson, CEO of "Nerium", and Paul Meyer, and then sold it to "PLS" in 1998. "TPN" was a MLM that focused on selling satellite services and self-help channels. There is not much information about "TPN", and there is another organization called "The People Network" and also uses the acronym "TPN" which makes this more confusing.

After "TPN" merged into "PLS", Worre and Olson became "Vice Presidents of Marketing", and Meyer continued with "TPN" until it faded away. They all formed a new group as well called "L-K Marketing", and it appears that "PLS" generated much of its volume through this indivdual group. "PLS" eventually sued and fired Worre for a violation of their agreement and settled for over 1.3 million dollars. "PLS" operates under the name "LegalShield" currently.

Once Worre was terminated from "PLS", he started a new business with Patrick Hopf, a venture capitalist, called "Better Life Media". This business appears to have been a similar concept to "TPN", and focused on motivational programming. The network ultimately never took off, and even though they raised "Over 6 million dollars", according to bizjournals, they were unsuccessful at merging with a major televsion distributor.

After his short attempt to revive his cable network dream, Eric Worre joined a MLM supplement company named "Agel Enterprises", which still exists today. "Agel" is a struggling MLM with a reported volume of 37 million dollars in 2013. "Agel" has had a rocky history, which includes the termination of a former CEO, Glen Jensen, and many of the "Top Leaders" leaving to form different MLMs. This is essentially a "hydra effect" where top earners grow in one MLM and then split off to start a new one. Bo Short, CEO of Jeunesse, was originally an Amway diamond, and eventually Amway turncoat in the Dateline documentary. Worre would follow this course after leaving and suing "Agel", unsuccessfully, and joining into a new MLM called "Send Out Cards".

As of today it appears Worre does have a current affiliation with "Send Out Cards", according to this link, "". There is also no information, other than his LinkedIn profile and his website, that would suggest he has stopped his distributorship with "Send Out Cards". Worre doesn't typically leave MLMs without a trail, therefore it is safe to assume that the link is active and he is still currently involved.

Worre's history with MLM is far from glamorous, and it doesn't help that his "Biography" page did not include any history before 2009. He is still regularly hosting seminars all over the United States, and he frequently creates videos with other MLM "trainers" as well as influential celebrities and businesspersons.

In my opinion, Eric Worre is a MLM fraudster and a narcissist. Since the beginning of his MLM career, he has continuously tried to put himself in the spotlight as much as possible. He is a "prosperity messiah", and he offers nothing but words and empty claims. In his movie, "Rise of the Entrepreneur", he spends fifty minutes self-promoting and repeating MLM fairy tales, and he does not "dispel many of the misconceptions related to Network Marketing". He offers no critical business advice, and he doesn't specifically teach how to make money. He is a king of mantras and BS.

I would also like to emphasize that Eric Worre claims to have retired from the MLM industry, and yet he does not have a residual income from the companies in which he was formerly associated. This perverted lie of working "2-5 years", and then retiring on residual income is completely false and it shows by Worre's history. He has either quit or been fired from all of his previous MLMs, even though he was supposed to be running his own businesses, and he does not currently have an affiliation with any of them, except for "Send Out Cards", but it doesn't appear that he is trying to do anything with that "distributorship".  The idea that an MLMer can "build a business" and then "walk away" and "watch the dollars roll in", should be a giant red flag if the "opportunity" is being presented in that fashion.










Tuesday, July 11, 2017

MLM and Sources of Information (MSM Part 4)

Today's blog post is about the sources people choose to cite when writing about a topic. Sources are extremely important because they can make or break the validity of an article. In recent events we have seen a rise in "anonymous sources", and these "anonymous sources" seem to have perfect information when it comes to fulfilling a particular news network's agenda. The most notable, and controversial, current news organization to get into trouble with "anonymous sources" is CNN as they have been using these sources to continue their Trump and Russia narrative. Unfortunately, it would seem the New York Times (NYT) has taken a page out of the CNN handbook and has also started their own "anonymous sourcing" to push a different Trump and Russia narrative involving his son, Donald Trump Jr. and a Russian lawyer, Natalia Veselnitskaya. Even though every named source, including Trump Jr. and the lawyer have evidence to suggest this isn't a collusion story, the NYT seems to have found three "anonymous sources" that say otherwise. At this point, as long as these organizations say their information came from an "anonymous source", it may as well be fiction.

This shameful tactic of using "anonymous sources" to further their agenda against Trump isn't working, as CNN has dropped to last place in cable news and the NYT has been hemorrhaging money for years. In fact, the NYT just had a staged walkout because they were threatening to cut their editorial staff in half. And yet these organizations continue to falsify this narrative, because their agenda seems to be more important. Both CNN and the NYT had previously been considered two excellent sources for news, and in a short time, they have destroyed their reputations and joined the ranks of Buzzfeed and TMZ.

CNN has also tried to play both sides of the fence on this situation. While they get most of their anti-Trump and anti-Russia narrative from "anonymous sources", they also claim that people do not have a right, but rather a privilege, to be anonymous (which is incorrect) in the case of "HanAssholeSolo" and his clip featuring Trump slamming the CNN logo into the ground from a wrestling segment. CNN claimed that the person cannot be anonymous because they created a threat against CNN's employees, and yet their constant anti-Trump "news" that is fueled by "anonymous sources" is allowed to go unfiltered because they are supposed to have credibility. On top of this, the only reason CNN had an issue with the clip is that Trump had retweeted it. Had Trump not put the clip on his Twitter, then the clip probably wouldn't have been noticed. Below is a short clip explaining the hypocrisy.

This is also common place from MLMers as they regularly practice the distribution of misinformation. MLMers talk about fake or inaccurate statistics and bad analogies, and if they are confronted about these statistics or analogies, then they will either utilize a propaganda source or will leave the source "anonymous" as they disappear. MLMers do not care about the source of the information they are espousing, and as long as the information fits their narrative, then they will discount any other sources that may disprove their story. This is important because it allows the information creator to have complete control over the people receiving the information. Making sure a source is credible is as important as the information itself. If a person chooses not to check the source, then they are voluntarily giving up their right to accurate information.

MLMers emphasize obedience and an unquestioning loyalty because they are selling a scheme, and there is lots of information available to prove MLM doesn't work. They do not want people to search the internet for other perspectives, and they do not want people to check the validity of the information they are given. It is imperative to question everything, look objectively, and understand why the source is giving the information. Only after those criterion are met, can a person make an informed decision. 

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

MLM and the MSM (Main Stream Media) part 3

Today's blog post is going to focus on the recently wounded MSM network CNN, again, and its continued downward spiral. The story begins with a clip of Donald Trump, before becoming POTUS (President of the United States), appearing on a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), formerly World Wrestling Federation (WWF), segment in which he is shown beating up a person with the CNN logo for a face. The "meme" became war when Trump tweeted it out on his official Twitter account because CNN took the video as a threat against its "journalists". There is some significant irony as CNN's former New Year's Eve Special co-star Kathy Griffin recently posed with a severed Donald Trump head, and there was no mention of violence being spread against the POTUS, but rather a comedienne making a poor tasting joke. There was also a former CNN anchor being fired for calling Trump a "Piece of Shit" on his Twitter, and finally another video from Project Veritas showing another CNN producer stating 90+% of CNN employees hate Trump and his establishment. So, the CNN bullies didn't like it when they got a taste of their own medicine.

The real problem with this story is what CNN did to the person that edited and authored the Trump clip. CNN, a subsidiary for Time Warner, utilized their ability to track down the creator of the video through his ISP (Internet Service Provider). The creator was then coerced into sending CNN an apology or face the possibility of being unmasked. Reports are saying the author of the video is underage, and that CNN is directly violating the right to privacy (Fourth Amendment). Regardless of whether CNN did infringe upon the rights of another, this is blatant intimidation and should be brought up in court. To date, even with the apology in hand, CNN has stated that they can still release the identity if needed.

The two main points to focus on in this story are:

1. CNN is a group of bullies, and they believe they are allowed to fabricate the truth and create false propaganda against the POTUS, but also can cry foul when a video is made about them.

2. CNN has decided that they are above the law and can dole out "justice" the way they see fit through blackmail and extortion.

MLMers are also bullies as they believe they can fabricate statistics, use fallacious analogies, and continuously push their own agenda, and also completely lose their minds when people write information against their "businesses".  It is okay for them to misquote or completely lie about the statistics of small business success, talk about illegal tax breaks, and use misleading evidence and testimonials of success. They also seem to believe that they can label anyone that disagrees with them, and constantly attack people online that voice a differing opinion. Even though the onus is on them to prove their legitimacy, they regularly "defend, deny, distract, and then disappear" (Anna Banana), while never getting to the root of the problem being discussed. These are classic bullying tactics to avoid taking responsibility for their actions while continuing to perpetuate the same negative behaviors.

MLMers also believe they are above the law, and some of the biggest players have now infiltrated the highest levels of the U.S. Government. While Betsy DeVos, Amway, may be the most notable, there are many members of the Government, in both the House and Senate, that have been lobbying on behalf of MLM for decades. MLMers have made the FDA and the FTC completely ineffective because of the millions of dollars "donated" to their member's campaigns. They are literally the wolves guarding the hen house and unfortunately, the wolves are mostly in the Republican party and the current POTUS doesn't seem to have a problem with MLM, so these problems aren't going away any time soon.

Finally, MLMers can be both bullies and above the law at the same time with their SLAPP (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation) lawsuits. They are extremely costly and time intensive, but most importantly, they are effective because the party being sued by the MLM usually doesn't have the same resources causing them to cave to the MLMs demands. They can directly attack the First Amendment rights of bloggers and writers with little consequences (a few dollars spent), allowing MLMs to make their issues go away. MLMs have nearly complete autonomy to do what they want and say what they want.

MLM, much like CNN, operates under a guise of legitimacy created by the powers given to elected officials. There is a misnomer that elected officials have to have their citizen's best interests at heart, and this has become extremely clear as MLMs and CNN have penetrated into the government through substantial "donations" backed by their multi-billion dollar corporations and crime families. It is more important now, than ever, to understand that these organizations didn't get to be this powerful because they love their fellow beings, but rather because they have gone out of their way to screw their fellow beings to the top.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

MLM and the MSM (Mainstream) Media pt. 2

Today's blog post is about more revelations exposing the MSM, in particular CNN, for pumping out fake news stories. A group called "Project Veritas" (Veritas means Truth) has been responsible for revealing this latest episode of chicanery to the chagrin of CNN. So far, two different members of CNN have been caught revealing the "Trump and Russia Connection" has been a "Nothingburger" according to Van Jones (Former Obama aid and CNN Pundit) and "Because its Ratings" according to John Bonifield (CNN Supervising Producer). CNN has also had three staff members "resign" after a story had to be pulled about Trump, and according to Bonnifield, Zucker (CNN President) has stated that he wants to keep pushing the Russia narrative. Needless to say, CNN does not have the audience's best interest at heart and should be held accountable to the highest degree for fear mongering and treason.

So, what does this have to do with MLM? The answer is two part, firstly MLM does not have a responsibility to its member to be honest with them, and second they are about making themselves richer and not the other way around. CNN has officially shown they have no obligation to be truthful and their only obligation is to their shareholders. They will create their own narrative as long as it makes the ratings go up, and they do not care about the people they harm in the process, including the current POTUS. The same can be said for MLM. They do not care if their "distributors" make a dime and they don't care who falls through the cracks (Which is somewhere in the neighborhood of over 95%). They only care about milking their "distributors" for their monthly subscriptions and making sure the law doesn't shut them down.

MLMs can say whatever they want to make a "distributor" happy and they often talk out of both sides of their mouths to do it. In a recent post on Joecool's blog "Amway - The Dream or the Scheme?" there were two different "IBOs" from Amway telling the readers that Amway is about selling and yet it isn't about selling. They also commonly get confused on how hard the work is going to be. They often say it is easy as long as you follow the instructions and "duplicate" the model, while others say it takes a tremendous amount of effort and it is hard. The truth is, none of these answers are true, because they all came from biased sources that just want to make money from their loyal adherents. MLM isn't easy and it isn't hard, it is mathematically impossible, and MLM isn't about selling or not selling, it is simply about extracting money from the people that come after you.

CNN hasn't stopped pushing their objectives and MLM won't stop either until they are completely shut down. CNN continues to push the Russia narrative endlessly, and their CEO Jeff Zucker couldn't care less about the problems they have. MLMs continue to get sued endlessly and yet they are allowed to pay a fee to the government and a small stipend to the "distributors" that were wronged while continuing business as normal. These multi-billion dollar conglomerates have become so powerful they don't actually have to answer to the law. They simply get tickets and have someone in their pocket say, "Don't do that again..." while they cross their fingers behind their backs.

MLM, much like CNN, needs to have a new kind of lawsuit filed against them. According to the Blakey report, MLM is synonymous with the Italian Mob and should qualify to be prosecuted under the RICO statutes, and CNN's parent company, Time Warner, is another multi-billion dollar conglomerate that needs to be dismantled. These companies are vile and they will do anything, including harming you, to make more money.


If you are looking for awesome "alternative" media personalities, then check out some of these guys below!

Lionel Nation:


Monday, June 26, 2017

MLM Is A "21st Century Business"?

Today's blog post is about a slew of recent comments suggesting that MLM is a "21st Century Business", and working that tired old "9-5 job" is a thing of the past. The idea is, MLM is futuristic and its design will be the main style of business for the entire world. MLMers preach that MLM has everything a person needs to make money the way they deserve to make money (whatever that means), because they can work wherever they want, whatever hours they want, and they do not have to answer to anyone. It sounds too good to be true and as the old adage goes, "If it sounds to good to be true, the last thing they will do is share it with you."

First, is MLM literally a "21st Century Business"? The answer, quite resoundingly is, "No it isn't". MLM was first created by DeVos and Van Andel after they worked for Mytinger and Casselberry who were the disciples of the original conman Rehnborg in the mid 1900's (20th century). Rehnborg originally created a magical tonic called "Vitasol" that was filled with the same inert junk you may find in regularly sold MLM vitamin packages today. Mytinger and Casselberry were the first to introduce the idea of a "Starter Kit", and the idea of hiring "Distributors" to help push the product from door-to-door instead of hawking the product themselves. DeVos and Van Andel eventually perfected the technique, gave it the catchy MLM name, and quickly distanced themselves (similar to the mafia) from any direct contact with the "Distributors".

Is MLM more efficient than other methods for delivering products or services to consumers? Again, the answer is a resounding, "No". In fact, MLM is the least efficient method to deliver a product, because it increases the amount of middle men exponentially as the "team" grows. The products have to be significantly higher than competitive retail pricing because every member of the upline needs to get a piece of each individual sale. A typical chain of command in which a product is delivered efficiently from conception to consumer is as follows: First, there is a manufacturer that hires people to innovate and create a desirable product, then that manufacturer sells their product to a distributor, then the distributors buy many different products from many different manufacturers and focus on the sales of those products to the consumers. The reason distributors are important is, they make manufacturer's lives easy for selling their product in bulk, and they make the consumer's life easy by carrying many different products so the consumer doesn't have to go to a bunch of different places. This allows products to be priced competitively, because there aren't a lot of points in which the product's price is raised due to middle men. MLM is the opposite because each individual sale from a "distributor" to a "customer" must have a percentage given to each person that came before that "distributor". It does not matter if the people getting paid a percentage had anything to do with the sale or the "distributor", but rather they are paid because they were there first. This could result in a product having to be marked up hundreds of percentage points to cover the cost of everyone getting a piece of the action.

Is MLM marketed as well as other businesses? This is probably the biggest, "No", because they go out of there way to be as unnoticeable as possible. It's an interesting quandary because MLM is supposed to be about getting more exposure for a company's products, and yet they have horrendous rules limiting the amount of exposure the "distributors" can give. They have specific rules about which channels may be used for selling the products and which cannot be used. The three most notable channels in which MLMs typically do not let a "distributor" sell products are Amazon, eBay, and brick and mortar. They also have strict rules about who can is told about MLM and how they are told. MLMs usually only allow "Warm market" targeting, which means you must know the people you are propositioning, and you are not allowed to create any kind of web presence aside from the generic cookie cutter website you are given. Needless to say, this is the most inefficient method for marketing and selling a product in the "Internet Age".

Finally, does MLM generally generate larger amounts of income for their "Distributors" than a typical "9-5 Job". I bet you can already guess where I'm going wit this, because the answer, once again, without hesitation, "Heck no!" There hasn't been one "Income Disclosure" statement published online from any MLM to suggest MLM is anything other than a money pit. MLMs typically range between 95-99% failure rates, and have less than 1% making the big money. The videos, the "opportunities", and the anecdotes of success are all a facade for taking many thousands, and sometimes millions, of people's monies. MLM has been proven for decades to be the absolute worst "business opportunity" for generating a side income or a replacement full time income. The idea that this could be a "21st Century Business" as opposed to any other century business is a joke, because this "business" wouldn't be effective in any time period.

The title of this blog post was inspired by a "book" (more like a propaganda pamphlet) written by Robert Kiyosaki and it is titled, "The Business of the 21st Century". Robert Kiyosaki proposed that "Network Marketing" a made-up term to disguise MLM, is going to be the future. This man is a fraud, and continues to perpetuate the MLM fraud because he makes large sums of money from writing these atrocious propaganda pieces that can be sold to MLMs as brainwashing tools. 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

MLM Syndrome Gets a Facelift

The MLM Syndrome is already approaching one year! As a celebration of the blog's first anniversary (I jumped the gun a bit) it was time to give it a much needed facelift! I'm curious if my long time readers will find this to be a good change or not, and if there is any advice to help make the page more readable and approachable for new viewers. Thank you to everyone that has come to my page and read my stories and insights. I appreciate all of you and hope that this information has helped to make a much needed difference in the fight against MLM!

MLM is Similar to Antifa

Today's blog post is about a recent group of anarchists, Antifa ("Anti-Fascists") and how they share the same amount of hatred as MLMers for anyone that does not share their same stream of consciousness. The amount of vitriol MLMers spew online when someone opposes their business, is the same virulent response Antifa has for people attempting to speak about something they do not support. Antifa, much like MLMers, do not like the idea of free speech, because it is damaging to their mind-numbing cultic belief systems.

Fascism: a political philosophy, movement, or regime (such as that of the Fascisti) that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition
Antifa espouses a bitter hatred for the "right" (conservatism) and are well known for their riots on college campuses. The most prolific riot was on the UC Berkeley campus (Cal) as Milo Yiannopoulos, a self proclaimed "provacateur", was forced to cancel his speaking engagement because of an anti-right riot. This later turned into a hot bed for a new extremist group called "Antifa" to cause more riots against the "Right" in Berkeley, which includes a recent riot against the "Patriots rally" on April 15th 2017 . Since the Cal riot it has become extremely unsafe to hold a position other than extreme "leftism" in this area, and this sentiment has spread to other liberal areas as well.

Antifa wants to disenfranchise anyone that has a different platform or has a different set of thoughts from their own. They want to censor people's rights to speak publicly with others about controversial subjects and wedge issues that are not supporting their position. They fear the spoken word of anyone that challenges their narrative, and they respond to that fear with the highest degree of anger and violence. This group hates the idea of free speech and wants everyone to have groupthink. They have created new terms such as "Hate Speech" and "Islamophobia" to create a limit on people's ability to talk about terrorism. Antifa is aggressively destroying a basic foundation of America that was created to combat the limitations imposed by the U.K.

MLMers also hate free speech and regularly combat the internet bloggers and their research. They have the same hypocritical nature about not speaking "Negatively", except for when it suits their needs. They utilize powerful psychological techniques to impose their narrative on unsuspecting consumers and gradually turn them into groupthinkers. They work diligently to eliminate any presence of a differing opinion and will go as far as to recommend shutting our everything else. They do not want MLM downlines to use the internet for news and research, they do not want MLM downlines to have relationships outside of members in the MLM, they do not want MLM downlines to have relationships with family members that oppose MLM, and they do not MLM downlines to have distractions, such as jobs, activities, or friends, outside of the MLM. They will create a new narrative based on one sole purpose, to recruit, but they will tell their downline their main objective is to help them get rich and live the "Good Life" (Tai Lopez). MLMers have a history of violence as well, because the divide they create between themselves and the rest of the world becomes very intense. After an MLM downline has been molded into a perfect member, they may resort to violence as the people who oppose their views become less and less tolerable. There are stories of MLMers acting out violently at home with their spouses and children from other blogs, because the people at home didn't fit the narrative.

MLM, as a whole, is just as cult-like and evil as Antifa. They have ruined millions of people's lives and bank accounts for greed. They don't care who they hurt or how badly they hurt them, and once they are done extracting what they can from a person, they will toss that person to the curb and let them fend for themselves. They are not a support system, they are not a group of "Free Thinkers", they are not introducing you to the best opportunity life has to offer, they are not introducing you to the "Business of the 21st Century", but rather introducing you to a mob, a cult of personality, a "Criminogenic Syndicate" (Brear).

Monday, June 19, 2017

MLM and an Angry Long YouTube Comment



Today's blog post is about a particularly long and ridiculous comment left on a YouTube video. The comment is a wonderful example of the successful propaganda brainwashing MLMs use on their adherents. The comment was left on this YouTube video below which has had a litany of comments from pro-MLMers.

The comment was left by a user with the handle "In Case You Were Wondering" which I will condense to (ICYWW). You may already be able to tell that this person is a bit full of themselves. Without further ado, here is the comment and my responses.

ICYWW said, "Here's a few things.
1. Are you getting paid to make this video? 2.What are your credentials? Why should people listen to you? 3. WHERE ARE THE FACTS AND ACTUAL PROOF???" 1. Getting paid is irrelevant. He is representing his own independent research and is not affiliated with a competitor. 2. You don't need credentials to do research and find out about MLM. There is plenty of information out there which can make you an expert. 3. The facts and proof is presented on his whiteboard and through his presentation. If you are looking for court cases or some sort of reference, then that is up to you to find on the internet. It is all there and easy to find through cursory searches on Google. ICYWW said, "Just because you speak eloquently and have a white board and you draw visuals does not make you QUALIFIED to speak about this. Half of your ratings are THUMBS DOWN. There's a fact for you. THAT is NOT GOOD. " I'm curious as to what would be considered "QUALIFIED" to speak about MLM. There isn't exactly a school or formal education you can receive. This is a bizarre statement. I would agree that the amount of "THUMBS DOWN" would be concerning if it wasn't for the fact that the amount of people that responded negatively were more than likely disgruntled "Distributors". Unfortunately there is no way to prove that, but there isn't really a reason for anyone other than people being financially affected to give it a bad review as his video is relatively objective. ICYWW said, "BRAINWASHING??? Did you ever come across people who specialized in hypnosis? have they ever locked the doors so people couldn't get out? Don't be an idiot. Everyone knows that this is not for everyone. TWO WORDS. BUSINESS and OWNER." Brainwashing is: make (someone) adopt radically different beliefs by using systematic and often forcible pressure.
Brainwashing doesn't have a direct correlation with hypnosis. I'm not sure why you made that weird leap.

Yes, they do lock the doors at certain meetings, and they also insist upon asking for bathroom breaks, not allowing outside food and drink, and to remain until the end. This is common procedure.

It isn't just "not for everyone", bur rather it isn't for mathematically anyone according to their income disclosure statements.

You are not a "Business Owner" if you join an MLM. You are a poorly paid contractor with a very limited range of independence. You are really a cult adherent that is paying a bunch of money for the opportunity to belong to the group and bring in more adherents.

ICYWW said, "
You have to treat like a BUSINESS and you're the OWNER." I don't even know what that means when it relates to MLM. MLMs need to do a better job of qualifying new "Distributors" and taking responsibility for the outrageous failure rates. It isn't all about blaming the victims if 95-99+% of all "Distributors" across all MLMs fail or make less than minimum wage. That is the responsibility of the MLM. ICYWW said, "It's NETWORK marketing, not NET WELFARE marketing. " Sounds catchy, but this sentence is worth as much as bovine excrement (BS). Also, "Network Marketing" (Synonym for MLM) will more than likely wind you up on Welfare to fund your habit. ICYWW said, "I'm here to go from the beginning of your video to the end. Don't take it personal [sic], but you were never properly educated on legitimate MLM. I've done more research in a week than most people in my entire company did in 3 years. The difference is, I wish I could just jump in without being so analytical. But it's because of people like YOU who spoil it. " "Legitimate MLM" has never been proven to date. That is a challenge that I will issue to all MLMers. If they can prove that the majority of the money is made by selling products to customers instead of "end users", then I will take back this statement. I would say you need to work on your research skills. So far I haven't seen any analysis. All you have done is regurgitate memes created by MLM apologists. ICYWW said, "Without a doubt, you are navigating off of what everyone says. people [sic] who don't know anything more than what their family or friends say. THIS is never a good way to navigate in life. in [sic] school, you learn from people who know more than you, not people who always ask when they are going to ever use the knowledge they learned for the future. " I would beg to differ and say that you are the one "Navigating off of what everyone says". The rest of this statement is more weird fluff that means nothing or is irrelevant. Stick with more specific examples pertaining to MLM and not weird tangents. ICYWW said, "1. you say that you cannot believe that pyramid structures even exist.

1. ANSWER: How do you get paid? by someone in top of a corporate business structure, the CEO. PLUS, If they favor other people over you, you won't get the chance to move up. as a sales Two, you are your own boss, just like Uber. except with uber, unless you create your own LLC, you cannot hire other drivers." I'm not sure where you are trying to go with this. Pyramid structures in corporations, LLC's, businesses, and any other legal structure are legitimate. However, MLM pyramid structure is not because the method of earning income is through the distribution of dollars from new recruits being paid upwards through pay-to-play initial packages and monthly subscriptions. There are little to no actual sales outside of the organization generating money. If you are trying to suggest that everything is shaped like a pyramid therefore they are all illegal, then that is a common fallacy that has been thoroughly debunked. Here is a basic kindergarten level example. If milk is a liquid, and soda is a liquid, can we say that milk and soda are the same? This is the same type of logic you are trying to apply to MLM and legitimate businesses and it is horribly flawed. ICYWW said, "2. They put bells and whistles around it 2. Answer: I hope you never ever come up with a business idea and have people trash it because they think you're a salesman. God forbid THAT ever happens. What you come up with could actually be a great idea. See the problem?" This is a crazy tangent that has nothing to do with the video or MLM. This is just words for the sake of words. ICYWW said, "PEOPLE SPEND MORE ON THEIR FANCY PHONES AND CAR LOANS THAN ACTUALLY GETTING A USEFUL PRODUCT. " This is another unnecessary tangent. More words for the sake of words. ICYWW said, "My car salesman gypt me. is HE a part of a scheme???" Huh? I think your brain is failing you. Where are you going with these statements and what does this have to do with MLM? ICYWW said, "3. No need to be a part of a pyramid scheme to use a shopping portal. 3. ANSWER: Have you EVER shopped online??? who are you benefiting? yes. the CEO of the company. " Again, this has NOTHING to do with the video or MLM. This only further proves your inability to focus on important information and your inability to conduct research well. ICYWW said, "4. I can't believe I have to waste time out of my day to tear this whole video apart. I'm sorry, but you're ignorant. Any CEO first had to hire a team UNDER them to benefit, and not a very high spectrum of people can ever benefit in a corporate business structure. Pyramids are in EVERY business. only in MLM can you have a more wider [sic] spectrum of people be able to benefit. Also, it's NOT the person who came in sooner that benefits. It's if he is first SUCCESSFUL in getting his team together and selling a high volume of their product. I've seen people only be in for a few weeks already make more than their sponsor. " Well you don't have to waste your time and you didn't tear this video apart. The only person that is ignorant is you, and you have done nothing to support MLM. Please refer to the previous paragraph I made about your claim, "Pyramids are in EVERY business" and how that is flawed logic. That is completely incorrect. In MLM over 95-99+% of people fail. There is no other business model on the planet with those kinds of failure rates. It is absolutely the person who came in sooner that benefits. I don't believe that you have seen anyone actually be successful in MLM other than your role models preaching on stage. I'm guessing you have never seen an actual tax record indicating they made a large sum of money through the MLM. ICYWW said, "THE PROBLEM: Not a lot of people realise that once they join, they are sole proprietors. They own their own business. They are in charge of their success. THIS IS NOT EASY!" Again, you are not a "sole proprietor" or an "owner" or a "CEO". You are a lousy contractor that makes a dismal return on sales (if you can even sell anything). Most MLMs preach it is EXTREMELY easy when pitching this business. As long as you can follow your upline's instruction and duplicate, then you can win! ICYWW said, "Let me give you the breakdown, Genious. 2% of people in this country own the most wealth. Marc Zuckerburg had us pass around Facebook, but you didn't see us getting paid. 10% of America actually own businesses. The 90% never wanna put the work in or are happy with their lives the way they are. 22% of people in MLM companies are the ones making money, and out of that 22%, not everyone even earns a livable wage. Why? Because people walk into it like you do. They hear it's EASY MONEY. Well let me tell ya, IT AIN'T EASY. So it really isn't too good to be true. It really isn't a scheme. It takes WORK. But you were probably misinformed. I mean, even some Uber drivers can taint the rest of the company. " First part of this paragraph is another tangent. Where did you get this random 22% of people in MLM make money statistic? Normally I have seen it is much lower. Even with that statistic EVERY other business opportunity is better, and the fact that you said an even smaller percentage make a "livable wage" proves how terrible this opportunity actually is. The last part of the paragraph is also an irrelevant tangent. We aren't talking about UBER, and the opportunity that is presented is always acted out as an easy way to make income. ***If you made it this far, Congratulations! It is starting to wind down!*** ICYWW said, "I stopped numbering my points because it's so pointless at this point. Just like Uber, by the time EVERYONE heard about it, no one could make money, but you don't see ANYONE complaining! Actually, that's a lie. Just look on any Uber Facebook page. My point is, WITH EVERY BUSINESS THAT HAS EVER EXISTED, BY THE TIME IT BECAME A HOUSEHOLD NAME, YOU HAVE TO BEGIN FROM THE BOTTOM!!! Entry level employee. like for a grocery store, by the time it becomes mainstream, you have to start from the beginning. The bottom. There are ALWAYS going to be people at the bottom of a pyramid. 10 cashiers, maybe 5 managers, 2 directors, and 1 CEO. End of story! " A lot more pointless words, and I'm really not sure why Uber is such an important comparison. It has NOTHING to do with ANYTHING related to your points or to MLM as a whole. Your point about businesses becoming "Household names" is more bizarre and unnecessary words. Ugh, back to the erroneous pyramid shape fallacy for a 3rd time. We can see you have an issue with repetition and filibustering. ICYWW said, "What makes MLM so great is you depend on others success. They HAVE to be successful in order for you to be. Do you see it as wrong if someone recognizes a good business idea and runs with it, and takes other people with them to the top? But what happens after a while? that's right, other people like yourself come in and trash it by saying it's not fair. You've obviously never been a part of or ever owned a business!" No! Wrong! That is what makes MLM criminal! You rely on your downline's dollars to give you a paycheck and that is not "great". I would venture to say you have never been involved in a legitimate business. You have gotten everything wrong in this last paragraph, and you have proven why MLM is bad! ICYWW said, "This is hilarious. they're gonna tell me how good it is. Of course! They found success in it. While others spend thousands of dollars in student loans, paying the education system scheme and working a 9 to 5 for half their lives to pay it back, all we have to do is be good at selling our product! To people who WANT it of course. I don't have to have anyone on my team to be successful in MLM. We never benefit off reps. EVER. The only way we do is if they are good at getting members. two things. MEMBERS and REPS. The two are DIFFERENT. Unless it is an ILLEGAL company who only hire reps. THEN and ONLY THEN can I agree with you." Ugh, the other typical line, "If you aren't in MLM, then you must be a broke 9-5 job working loser!" MLM does not actually sell a product and they use the verbiage "end user" to skate the boundaries of the law. Very VERY few people want MLM products because they are overpriced generic versions of the same products available in stores. It is very easy to do price comparisons, and you can look at my other blog post to see I have done some math for you ( You always benefit off of reps. That is a complete and utter lie. All MLMs are focused on recruiting as the main source of generating income because they are founded on the principle of "Hiring" customers and giving them the title of "Distributor", but they are only taught to go find more "Distributors" that are actually customers. Then they take part of the dollars spent by each "Distributor" (customer) and distribute it upward. ICYWW said, "Companies who either have no product or they have an overpriced product, are companies who only make money from hiring more reps. THAT is an ILLEGAL company. " BOOM! Nailed it! That is EVERY MLM that has EVER existed. This is the "Aha!" moment. ICYWW said, "Being in an MLM myself, I accept the fact that
1. These people know more than me and have been in longer than me. They obviously make more than me. 2. I only benefit if my team sales volume is good. 3. The people I let in to be reps can make MORE than me just by being BETTER than me. It'll realistically take longer for me if I'm not good to begin with. But I get the opportunity to let in people who 1. might be better than me 2. NEVER would've realized their potential if I NEVER showed them!" If the training is good, then it shouldn't matter if someone has been in longer. If you are hired for the same position as someone else, then you should be making the same wage. This part "2.", again, is a clever way to say it is a pyramid scheme. While it is technically possible, it is improbably that someone below will make more money since the person above gets a percentage of all their sales. That is the essence of the pyramid. The last part is just programmed "Rah Rah" BS. You don't want people below you to be better because every time they get someone under them that means the market share shrinks. Every time you bring someone in, you are introducing a new competitor. ICYWW said, "This is too funny. Let me use TV marketing for example. They are CONVINCING MILLIONS to buy their product, and the product doesn't even have to be quality to be on TV! I personally think that is worse. If you ever come across MLM with a crappy product, then I wouldn't even join it. Too much to worry about, especially if it folds. Weight loss products, beauty care, and Body building products eventually all go to the wayside. However, if you work for a MLM that ACTUALLY benefits people long term and ACTUALLY benefits a higher spectrum of workers, it's golden."

Your example is flawed again because they are selling an actual product and not an opportunity. The quality of the product doesn't technically matter if they are selling it to a customer, but they will quickly go out of business if they don't have something desirable at a good price point. All MLMs have a "Crappy" product, because they are all products that have already been created by other companies at cheaper prices. Your last statement has never happened and it never will. ICYWW said, "MY company sells memberships. You do not deserve to know so it's by request only. Because if everyone knew, no one would be interested. Like let me go tell my GF everything I'll do for her up front. She would leave me! Because there's no surprise after that. No wonder. "
This makes no sense, has no relevance to MLM, and is completely asinine. Thanks for the waste of words. ICYWW said, "LET'S GET THIS STRAIGHT. You aren't talking about EVERY NETWORK marketing company out there. You are speaking for the ones that are NOT legitimate. " At this point, again, EVERY MLM has failed to prove legitimacy (Pampered Chef is the closest). If you don't want to share which MLM you are a part of, probably for fear of it being proven to be fraudulent, then that is fine, but it only helps my case. The onus is on you to prove that there is a reputable, legitimate MLM. ICYWW said, "NO ONE in my company gets paid to speak! They get paid from the work they put in. Or how much work did YOU put in to this video??? Are YOU getting paid??? Then you say you aren't sure how that works out??? There goes your credibility. I cannot believe people listen to you." ICYWW, you have done nothing to prove your point, you have gone on awful and bizarre tangents, you have wasted far too many words, and you are a premium example of brainwashing. You have spewed out a bunch of propaganda you heard at a seminar, and you have helped to show what happens when people join these companies. Your fervor in this response mixed with the time you put into it shows there is something strange happening. You have gone from being an avid member of the MLM to a fully indoctrinated psychopath.