Monday, July 17, 2017

MLM and Televangelism/John C. Maxwell

Today's blog post is about televangelism and how it has similar features to MLMs and their major functions. Televangelism first started with radio broadcasts in the 1920's, and the first major radio evangelist was S. Parkes Cadman (Samuel Parkes Cadman). With the advent of the radio, evangelism shifted from preachers traveling the country during The Great Depression by foot to broadcasting their message through short wave radio. S. Parkes Cadman was the first major radio evangelist, and his message was spread to over 5 million people through his Sunday afternoon program. In the 1950's radio evangelism was starting to shift to the popularly recognized televangelism of today, and by the 1980's Oral Roberts had a program that reached "80% of the potential television audience". This became the most effective way to spread the word of god, and it also became a great way to make money.

Today, televangelism is still effective in making large sums of money as preachers from megachurches, such as The Crystal Cathedral in Garden Grove California, can spread their word to millions of viewers. The Crystal Cathedral has been running their own television program, "The Hour of Power" since 1970, and even though it has suffered some recent complications with bankruptcy, it still exists today.

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One of the most prolific preachers from The Crystal Cathedral is "Dr." John C. Maxwell. John Maxwell has been involved in preaching and televangelism since the early 1970's after receiving a master's in divinity and a doctorate in ministry, and no those are not degrees from Hogwarts. His original mentor, Robert Schuller, was the founder of The Chrystal Cathedral, and John Maxwell has done sermons for his "Hour of Power" television show.

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John Maxwell has had a long career involving his "teachings" and is a self-regarded "Leadership Expert". He has written over ninety books, and believes there is still more leadership to be taught and written. He is also an avid MLM proponent and has done many speaking engagements at MLM functions. Although he has "retired" from the evangelism, he is still regularly hawking his services as an expert in the field of MLM training, and continues to overlap the word of god with MLM.

It is my opinion that John Maxwell is a fraud, and he uses his religious training to help perpetuate his criminal enterprise. He is another "Prosperity messiah", similar to Eric Worre, and he has made a career, and many millions of dollars, selling himself as the answer to people's problems. He, much like Worre, is a narcissist of the highest degree. He has no training in business and entrepreneurship, therefore his ability to teach in anything related to business, including MLM, is not going to be trustworthy. He has been studied by other biblical scholars, and they have found errors in his understanding and his interpretation of the scriptures. He has combined two criminal "businesses" into a major profit machine, and at the ripe age of 70, he isn't done yet.

MLM and televangelism share the same recipe for deception. They utilize the thought stopping rhetoric of religion to promote fake and or criminal teachings in an effort to extract dollars from people's wallets. John Maxwell was trained by Robert Schuller, a founder of the major televangelism movement, and has found his own technique for deceiving many millions of people. He, much like Schuller, has taken the word of god as a means to an end for profit. Instead of performing at The Crystal Cathedral, you may see John Maxwell at the Las Vegas Convention Center, and instead of promoting scripture, he may be promoting leadership and the "MLM gospel".

Below is John Oliver's special on televangelists.









  1. Maxwell is what is referred to as a prosperity preacher. He uses and twists the Gospel message to get people to bite into the pitfalls of MLM while be is grinning ear to ear as he goes to the bank.

    People should notice how he promotes and makes his bank off MLM audiences but he's accomplished nothing as an MLMer.

    I believe many diamonds probably reached the level and then got a lot of mileage selling functions and training even if they are no longer diamonds because Amway recognizes the level forever - once a diamond, always a diamond.

    1. Joe,

      I completely agree. The first time I heard about Maxwell was around the time I was prospecting for Amway, and I didn't think much of him at the time because I didn't read any of his books and he wasn't at any of the functions. Yet, that would not be the last time I would hear the name Maxwell.

      The second time I heard about Maxwell, I was actually at a friend's birthday party and one of the friend's sisters was going on and on about Tony Robbins and Maxwell. When they asked my opinion, I boldly said they are frauds and the twisted look on her face was something I hadn't seen before. It was like I destroyed her narrative and created a massive trauma. She said something to the effect of, "Oh that's an interesting opinion" and then you could see the denial take over as she went back to her happy place. That was when I realized these guys were worse than I imagined.

      Maxwell is a true evil in this world, a wolf in sheep's clothing. I harbor no remorse for writing negative things about him, and am truly disgusted with the way he has made money. He has gone above and beyond to abuse the trust of others in the name of greed.

      I'm not a religious person, and I actually am against organized religion as a whole, but I would rather see people find purpose and community through religion than through a cult or MLM. The fact that Maxwell linked the two for the sake of earning an extra dollar is despicable.