Thursday, August 25, 2016

A Special Thank You!

I coming up on my second week of blogging, and am already featured as a guest blogger, linked to other blogger's pages, and in a few other forums thanks to some very passionate people!  So, it is time to give thanks!

I started this journey about a year ago, after I was propositioned to join an MLM by a co-worker (I may put that story on this blog, but I need to fix it up, and only if enough people are interested in reading it). After I went through the initiation process, I was offered a position in the group. I politely declined because this was not the way I wanted to generate an extra income, and it looked like it did a lot of damage to many people. I could have walked away and pretended like those couple of weeks never happened, but I really needed to know why these businesses were successful, and how I got so excited at the beginning.

I started my learning by going online and Googling about the particular company and came across two very successful blogs. The first blog was Married to an Ambot (, and it is currently still being written by Anna Banana. She is a firecracker, and she has no problem telling people exactly how she feels. I learned a lot about the manipulation of MLM, the specific rhetoric used by MLMers, and most importantly, that I wasn't alone!

The second blog I went to was the top link on Anna's page, and it was called Amway The Dream or the Scheme ( This blog, written by Joe Cool, was a much more thought provoking way of presenting MLM material. I'd like to say it was my second stage in releasing from the Matrix (referene to the movie), because at first I was angry, but then I became hungry to learn more! Joe didn't just get me thinking, but rather engaged many people in his blog posts, some were supporters of MLM and some were against MLM. It was an amazing way to begin engaging in a dialogue with the people that supported a business I was against. However, the dialogues quickly turned sour as the MLMers would not continue to respond, or would divert the topic from its original premise to an abstraction. I needed to find more!

The third blog I found was Lazy Man and Money ( This is the blog where I learned how to make connections from the MLM company I was propositioned by, and all of the others that are in existence. I learned how to properly form my points with due diligence and proper research. I learned how to dissect an MLMers words to a precise degree, and understand why they had so many fallacies in their position. This is where I stepped out of my comfort zone, and began to truly grasp the magnitude of the MLM situation.

The fourth blog I went to was MLM the American Dream Made Nightmare by David Brear ( David is probably the smartest guy I have ever read, and trying to write to him is a truly daunting task. To this day, I still get fearful I am using a word incorrectly, or writing like an idiot, because he made me look up more words in a year than I had my entire life. David was the first MLM writer to truly engage me personally, and he helped me launch my blog on different platforms. He is a truly special individual, and his personal story with MLM is both brilliant and horrifying. It is a must read experience.

The fifth and final MLM writer/blogger I want to mention is Ethan Vanderbuilt ( I only recently reached out to Ethan, but he has already let me write a post on his website, and has directed more traffic to my blog than I got the first week and a half! He is an exceptional writer, and a great person to reach out to personally.

These are some of the most influential people in writing about MLM, and they are some of the best members of society. They go out of their way to keep the public informed, and work very hard for very little or NOTHING AT ALL to help their fellow human beings. They were the influences I needed to push me towards writing about MLM. They are the members of society I wish to emulate through my writings, and they are the people who make this world such a great place to live in.

Thank you!


  1. Thanks for starting your blog and helping to keep up the good fight! I've been blogging since 2006 but my original Amway dream or scheme blog got hacked and destroyed so the blog I currently run had to be rebuilt with no carry over stories from my original blog. I wish you nothing but the best of luck and hopefully, your experience will help others to recognize the potential pitfalls of Amway and MLM.

  2. I wish you the very best with your blog. I think you will have a powerful effect on peoples lives.